サンドボックス型のものづくりゲームの次期版「Minecraft 1.8.1 Pre-Release2」がリリースされました。


Update: We have released 1.8.1-pre2 to fix a few more issues:

  • [Bug MC-69562] – Can't play LAN whilst offline
  • [Bug MC-73025] – Falling blocks do not animate
  • [Bug MC-73026] – Unable to hit the ender dragon

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the 1.8 release and have put together a small update that should fix a lot of issues that people have reported to us. This update is compatible with 1.8 servers, but even though it’s not strictly required to update to 1.8.1 we’d strongly recommend that you do for all the performance and stability gains it gives you.


    [バグMC-69562] - オフラインながらLANを再生することはできません
    [バグMC-73025]は - 落ちてくるブロックアニメーション化しないでください
    [バグMC-73026] - エンダードラゴンヒットすることができません

Minecraft 1.8.1 Pre-release