サンドボックス型のものづくりゲームの次期版「MinecraftSnapshot 13w10b」がリリースされました。

  • Notable change: Dispensers and droppers will now only fire once when they receive a redstone signal. To fire again, the signal must be turned off and on again. (Previously a dispenser would fire whenever it had a signal and a nearby block changed.)
  • [MC-711] Redstone and components stay powered after unloading chunks
  • [MC-846] Dispenser and Dropper shooting out when updated
  • [MC-3458] Server crashes if spaces are input on the console
  • [MC-6223] Night Vision Potions that are edited to last longer create a potentially seizure-inducing flashing sky background.
  • [MC-8022] Furnace interface occasionally closes when adding fuel, deleting all items in the furnace
  • [MC-8597] Named Mobs Don't have Named Babies
  • [MC-10357] Getting into a minecart with a mob in it crashes minecraft
  • [MC-10946] 2 Hoppers funneling unstackable items into a 3rd Hopper at the same time cause the 3rd Hopper to not funnel items into a container
  • [MC-10948] Dispensers continually shoot/use certain items like water buckets and flint&steel
  • [MC-10950] Comparators still giving off power when hopper inventory is empty
  • [MC-10956] Animals can breed over distances up to almost 8 blocks when only seperated by fences
  • [MC-10995] Message "THIS TOO" in console
  • [MC-11019] Full hoppers feeding into full hoppers causes the forward hopper to stall
  • [MC-11044] Adding items to brewing stand using dropper does not change state of comparator

    [MC-3458] Serverがクラッシュするスペースは、コンソール上で入力された場合
    同時に第三ホッパーコンテナにアイテムを注ぎ込むしなくなる第三ホッパーunstackableアイテムをつぎ込む[MC-10946] 2ホッパーズ
    コンソールに "これも"[MC-10995]メッセージ

Notes about the new texture pack system

Starting from this snapshot and forward, blocks and items will no longer load their artwork from one big sheet of sprites. Instead, they’ll have individual files for each image they’re using. The benefit from this is that it will be easier for us to support custom blocks and items in the future. It will also allow us to mix and match block artwork resolutions, and make sure that you get graphics for blocks that your current texture pack isn’t updated for.

We’ve written more information about the new texture pack format in the Minecraft wiki, here: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Texture_Packs



http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Texture_Packs我々はここでMINECRAFT wikiで新しいテクスチャパック形式の詳細については、を書きました

Minecraft Snapshot 13w10b

Ok! Final snapshot! Honest!* Tomorrow: Pre-release!
The things changed in this snapshot are: