サンドボックス型のものづくりゲームの次期版「MinecraftSnapshot 13w02a」がリリースされました。

Textures for blocks and items now have individual image files (read more below)
Improved death messages
Improved naming (using the anvil) of containers and mob eggs
Trapped chests now give off the redstone signal through walls
Improved hoppers and made them controllable by redstone
Updated language files
Language files can now be updated via the background downloader (no need for a new Minecraft release)


Notes about the new texture pack system

Starting from this snapshot and forward, blocks and items will no longer load their artwork from one big sheet of sprites. Instead, they’ll have individual files for each image they’re using. The benefit from this is that it will be easier for us to support custom blocks and items in the future. It will also allow us to mix and match block artwork resolutions, and make sure that you get graphics for blocks that your current texture pack isn’t updated for.

We’ve written more information about the new texture pack format in the Minecraft wiki, here: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Texture_Packs



http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Texture_Packs我々はここでMINECRAFT wikiで新しいテクスチャパック形式の詳細については、を書きました

Minecraft Snapshot 13w02a