「DaedalusX64 SVN Rev747」がリリースされました。

[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 474 - Corn
[!] Reorganized and optimized MemRect for Yoshi (small speedup)
Rev 475 - Corn
[!] bail audio mixer when called with bogus values (YOSHI)
[!] small improvement in color adjustment process
[!] call popDL directly instead of endDL if possible
[!] Instruction count should now match in debug dlist with value shown in Dlist length
[!] reworked blend explorer and cleaned up debug info and reordered some code
Rev 476 - Corn
[!] Rayman2 hack (WIP, it still have issues but should be playable now)
Rev 477 - Corn
[!] Optimized RDPStateManager
[~] Forgot to add ROM hack for RAYMAN 2
Rev 478 - Corn
[!] Rayman 2 textures stretching should work now
[-] Reverted GBI1_EndDL change
Rev 479 - Corn
[!] Fixed Profiler
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 480 - Corn
[!] Fixed DKR/JFG texture scaling issue
Rev 481 - Salvy
[!] Avoid wasting time loading the same texture in S2DEX Obj** (happens quiet often in yoshi, a good example are the white dots that appear around the screen)
Rev 482 - Corn
[!] Fixed potential ROM hack bug
[!] Updated S2DEX_ObjLoadTxtr
[~] Trimmed some debug info
Rev 483 - Corn
[!] Made inline of some functions in PSPRenderer
[!] Made Debug Dlist spam less for cleaner looking output to file
Rev 484 - Corn
[!] DKR only needs 80 verts array after all (no need for 128)
[!] Updated CPU TnL
Rev 485 - Salv
[!] Some small optimizations in PSPRenderer
[!] Made debug only sanity checks in GBI0 Vtx
[!] Do not render degenerated or empty? tris in Tri4 (GE and PD)
Rev 486 - Corn
[!] Fixed some compile errors and rendering logic
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 487 - Salvy
[!] Some clean ups
[!] Removed sanity checks from release mode in WRUS Vtx (it should never happen anyways)
[!] Removed sanity checks from release mode in GBI1 Vtx (Only game that sets this is Quake II which eventually crashes anyways due clipping too many verts)
Rev 488 - Corn
[!] Force disable loop opt for Rayman2
[!] Removed a forced blend mode that made shadows in Rayman2 invisible
[!] Minor fix to texture scaling to proper match 1.000 scale
[!] Removed extra test for disabling blending
Rev 489 - Salvy
[!] Some clean ups and made several globals static in DLParser.cpp
[!] Implemented bg1cyc correctly (fixes sprite errors in Worms - Armageddon and other games that use this cmd)
[!] Tidy GBI1/2_Texture
Rev 490 - Salvy
[~] Forgot this
Rev 491 - Salvy
[!] limit huge sprite (2045x2047) over 4mbs! that Worms Armageddon tries to load (props to Corn for spotting it)
Rev 492 - Salvy
[!] Fixed compiling error from previous commit
Rev 493 - Salvy
[-] One more try xD
Rev 494 - Salvy
[-] Final touch up to previous commit
Rev 495 - Salvy
[!] Forgot one more thing
Rev 496 - Corn
[!] removed some redundant variables in PSPRenderer
[!] small fix to audio and made buffers smaller for less delay
[!] add disassemble when BSOD happens (debug only)
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 497 - Corn
[!] Optimized TexRect, TexRectFlip and FillRect to avoid copy same data twice and more effective parameter loading
[!] Optimized clipped tris handling to avoid copying unnecessary data thus saving 240 bytes per tris
Rev 498 - Salvy
[!] Texrect, Texrect Flip, and Fillrect now uses 60% less vertices (PSP only)
[+] Added STRIP version for texrect as reference for future ports
[-] Removed annoying assert from fillrect
Rev 499 - Salvy
[-] No need for s/t for fillrect as we don't do any texturing
Rev 500 - Corn
[!] small speed up making use of VFPU for converting vertices's to PSP hardware format when clipping tris
Rev 501 - Salvy
[!] Fixed scaling bug in Sprite2D
[!] Small optimization in RDPHalf1_GoldenEye
Rev 502 - Corn
[!] Fixed a rendering bug from rev 486
Rev 503 -Salvy
[~] Temporary reverted a few changes from 450 (was breaking Worms game) (texture update for S2DEX needs to be revised)
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 504 - Corn
[!] VFPU TnL recoded into one function (with optimizations)
[!] Integrate TnL flags into TnL parameters
[!] small fix to texture UpdateIfNecessary
[!] small optimization to convert vertices
Rev 505 - Salvy
[!] Clear color buffer aka clear screen in fillrect (fixes several glitches in many games ex Worms - Armageddon, Superman, Command & Conquer and other games)
[!] Add back check to ignore unnecessary loads to fillrect (Issue breaking the sky in Superman is sorted, we can add this back)
[~] Removed scissoring check in fillrect (no longer needed)
[!] Proper fillrect for 1/2 cycle mode
Rev 506 - Salvy
[!] Forgot this
Rev 507 - Corn
[!] avoid downsizing texel buffer
[!] some optimizations in copying data with vectors
[!] TnLVFPU Passing more data through a struct rather than function parameters
Rev 508 - Salvy
[!] Don't use primitive colour when filling rectangles in 1/2 cycle, just fill to black (was causing issues in MK64)
Rev 509 - Salvy
[!] Simplified CombinerTree
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 510 - Corn
[+] Added VFPU code for perfect dark TnL path (speed up)
[!] Fixed copy n paste bug in lighting
Rev 511 - Corn
[+] DKR TnL is now done on the VFPU (speed up)
Rev 512 - Corn
[+] Conker TnL is now done on the VFPU (including ENV map)
Rev 513 - Salvy
[!] Fix clean scene not working properly when games are clearing the screen (PD)
[!] Simplify check to clear screen
[!] Decode fill color even when clearing screen (fixes bug in PD)
[!] Simplify DLParser_FillRect
[!] Load RDP_Combine in one go (saves 2 ops)
[!] Ignore mem0+mem1 blend in fillrect (is cheaper than handling in general blender after all..)
Rev 514 - Salvy
[!] Update RDP_Combine struct
Rev 515 - Salvy
[!] Bring back changes from 450 (Degraded texture cache for S2DEX, need to find a different approach to fix worms, but the only way to properly fix it is to hash palettes :( and we ain't going to do it just for this game since is really CPU intensive..)
Rev 516 - Corn
[!] use texture hash check in cache for now (fixes OOT and MM text and other issues in other games)
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 517 - Salvy
[!] Check as early as possible if texture is the same as last time around
[!] Some more optimizations in copying data with vectors (~50 ops)
Rev 518 - Salvy
[!] Simplified fillrect even more
Rev 519 - Salvy
[!] Fixed height calculation of video interface (borrowed fix from glide plugin)
Rev 520 - Corn
[!] Reuse project matrix stack for DKR matrices
[!] Avoid copying DKR matrix data twice under some circumstances.
Rev 521 - Corn
[!] Fix debug dlist compile error (tnx salvy)
Rev 522 - Salvy
[!] Use LoadUcode when switching to S2DEX2 ucode to avoid adding overhead to GBI2 ucodes (our ucode cache eliminates any overhead from LoadUcode anyways)
[!] Added detection for S2DEX2 ucodes
[!] Some more optimizations in copying data with vectors (~30 ops)
Rev 523 - Salvy
[~] By mistake broke S2DEX1 name table
[!] Fixed wrong fill colour in Automobili Lamborghini (still not correct since we can't really handle 32b size in fillrect (yet))
Rev 524 - Corn
[!] load matrix directly to stack to avoid copying data twice (setproject, setmodelview and force_matrix)
Rev 525 - Corn
[!] fixed debug dlist compile error
[!] compacted MatrixFromN64FixedPoint code
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 526 - Corn
[-] Removed old VFPU TnL code
[!] Small optimization in DKR TnL
Rev 527 - Corn
[!] Increased billboard sizes in DKR
Rev 528 - Corn
[+] Added VFPU TnL code for DKR billboards (small speed up)
Rev 529 - Salvy
[!] Tidy up LoadTile/LoadBlock
Rev 530 - Corn
[!] Fixed texture loading regression from rev 529
[!] Fixed Debug Dlist text output
Rev 531 - Corn
[!] Fixed Debug Dlist text output
Rev 532 - Salvy
[!] Optimized DMA_Tri_DKR
Rev 533 - Corn
[!] some clean up
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 534 - Corn
[!] Reworked Insert and Force matrix (speed up for games that uses it and WWF games should work better now)
Rev 535 - Corn
[!] Additional fix to Insert and Force Matrix
Rev 536 - Corn
[+] Added bitwise feature hacks to speed up checks and make it easier to have same hack in many games
[+] Donald Duck is a bit more playable with T1 texture hack (same as Rayman2)
[-] Alternative TLUT hack is now a part of bitwise hacks
Rev 537 - Corn
[!] Avoid reloading projection matrix to sceGU more than necessary
Rev 538 - Salvy
[!] Another try to remove Aidyn hack (doesn't break Rampage this time around..)
Rev 539 - Salvy
[!] Fixed bug? in FPU rendering (was breaking SSV's shade)
[!] Simplified abit HLE handling
Rev 540 - Corn
[!] Fixed TexRectFlip to do proper flip
[-] Reverted previous change to make Aidyn sky show up
Rev 541 - Corn
[!] Small optimization in Dynarec/fragments
[!] Disabled Loop Opt for Donald Duck Going Quackers
[~] Reverted Loop Opt to old code (pre 618)
Rev 542 - Salvy
[!] Added many blendmodes for WWF games (getting closer to be playable)
Rev 543 - Salvy
[!] Really small change to MemoryUpdateSPStatus
[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 544 - Corn
[+] Save more memory using TMEM table with only 64 entries for palette pointers
[+] TLUT hack for Resident Evil 2
[!] Disable Loop Opt for all WWF games
Rev 545 - Corn
[!] Graphical fix for Tom and Jerry (T1 hack)
[!] Fixed BSOD in top gear rally (seems to have other issues too with floats)
[!] Fixed BSOD in Star Soldier - Vanishing Earth
Rev 546 - Corn
[+] Using volatile memory for PSP Dlists (saves 2Mbyte of regular memory)
[!] Reduced the time a texture is cached unless used (should help Phat owners a bit since it saves some texture memory)
[!] Added TLUT hack and disabled Loop Opt. for Star soldier-vanishing earth
Rev 547 - Corn
[+] added assert for PSP Dlist overflow
Rev 548 - Salvy
[!] Disable Dynamic Loop Optimization by default (It causes instability and other issues in many games, to enable go to Advanced Settings, enable at your own risk!)
Note: Make sure to reset your setting before using this rev -> Global Settings -> Reset Settings (follow on-screen instructions)
Rev 549 - Salvy
[!] Use T1 hack for Earthworm Jim (game looks awesome now)
Rev 550 - Corn
[!] Auto speed adjustment hack for Rayman/Donald duck/Tom and Jerry
[!] Removed some redundant checks for SOTE
Rev 551 - Corn
[+] Added speed hack to Earthworm jim and powerpuff Girls
Rev 552 - Corn
[!] Improved sync filter for audio and speed matching
Rev 553 - Salvy
[!] Keep texture image address in range for Shadow of Empire (game is now playable with some minor issues, is recommended to use a savesatate to get in game)
Rev 554 - Salvy
[+] Added option to enable Corn's newly hack to smooth up games (helps mostly with games with poor framerate ex Earthworm Jim, Golden Eye, Donald Duck etc)
Note: Option can be found in Advanced Options -> Video Rate Match
Rev 555 - Corn
[-] Removed forced speed hack since its optional now
[-] Removed forced Loop Opt. off from roms.ini
[+] Brought back Pilotwing 64 hack (since cheat version still has issues)
Rev 556 - Corn
[+] Hack for SOTE to show text and menus (clean scene has to be enabled)
Rev 557 - Salvy
[!] FillRect don't set any colour when not in fill mode (fixes SOTE's text)
[~] Removed SOTE and Wave Racer hacks (no longer needed)
Rev 558 - Salvy
[!] Fixed bug errg typo in cheat parser for large cheats (Pilot Wing's shadow fix works properly now)
[-] Removed Pilot Wings hack (again), no longer needed ^
Rev 559 - Salvy
[!] Parse cheat file when ROM boots if cheat feature is enabled or forced (this is required when forcing cheat feature)
[!] Forced cheat feature to Pilot Wings and Pokemon Snap (we need cheats for these games to work properly *wink*)
[!] Updated roms.ini with latest changes






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