「DaedalusX64 SVN Rev727」がリリースされました。

[=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 363 - Salvy
[!] inlined GetChunkStartAddress and AddressToChunkMapIndex (saving ~20 ops)
[!] Made ContainsAddress debug only
Rev 364 - Salvy
[+] Added QuickWrite_Long/QuickRead_Long (these are usually 50% faster when the compiler isn't able to optimize Read64Bits/Write64Bits, mostly happens when we need to combine two FPU registers into one long )
[!] Use QuickRead_Long for LDC1 (~24 ops)
Rev 365 - Salvy
[!] Revert previous commit, need to test further
Rev 366 - Corn
[+] Started work on DKR/JFG custom ucodes (WIP)
Rev 367 - Corn
[+] Fixes to polygons in Jet Force
[+] Fixed polygon clipping DKR/Jet force
Rev 368 - Corn
[!] Some additional fixes to DKR/Gemini
Rev 369 - Corn
[+] WIP on for rendering Perfect Dark
[!] Some optimizations in the rendering pipelines
Rev 370 - Corn
[!] Updates to PD rendering pipeline
[!] Some minor updates (TEXGEN) to other rendering pipelines
Rev 371 - Corn
[!] some minor tweaks in the rendering pipelines (DKR/PD/Conker)
Rev 372 - Corn
[!] Fixed Debug Dlist bug (crash in DKR)
[!] Alloc corrected meaning of video memory errors
[!] Added info to take picture or resume game in Debug Dlist menu
Rev 373 - Salvy
[!] Fixed static in textures in DKR/Mickey/JetForce Gemini
[!] Simplified DLInMem (heavily used by DKR)
[!] Fixed bug in ucode cache that was breaking menu in SSV
[+] Added blendmode for Mountains in Majora's Mask (thx chito for reporting it)
Rev 374 - Corn
[!] Fixed texture loading for JFG and Mickey
[!] Some small optimizations to BranchZ/TestVerts/FlushTris/AddTris
[!] Fixed some debug output status texts
Rev 375 - Corn
[!] This time it seems as if BranchZ really works for OOT & MM (more work is needed for proper function in Aerogauge and Penny racers)
[!] Remove custom back culling for DKR (use normal)
Rev 376 - Corn
[!] Optimized SimulateDouble and updated roms.ini
Rev 377 - Bdacanay
[+] Added cheats to most N64 games.
[+] Added some blends for DKR
Rev 378 - Salvy
[!] Optimized and simplified DKR/JFG's Mtx ucode
Rev 379 - Corn
[!] Some additional fixes to DLParser_Mtx_DKR()
[!] Rewrite CPU version of SetNewVertexInfo() to look more consistent(and faster)
Rev 380 - Corn
[!] Disable Simulate doubles for conker
[!] Fixed various debug output for DKR/PD
[!] Optimized standard CPU rendering a bit more
Rev 381 - Salvy
[!] Increase number of cheat slots per ROM to 16 (since we have plenty of memory now to allocate cheats)
[+] Added a very basic scroller for cheat list (needs work!)
Rev 382 - Salvy
[!] Truncate any excess of cheats to avoid wasting memory
Rev 383 - Salvy
[!] Reverted changes to Patch_memcpy from B3 Update (was breaking SpiderMan, thx chito for reporting it)
Rev 384 - Salvy
[!] Bring back changes to Patch_memcpy
[!] Check if len==0(NOP!) in Patch_memcpy (fixes SpiderMan)
Rev 385 - Salvy
[!] Fixed a blendmode for Majora's Mask
[-] Removed RDP_EMULATE_TMEM option (It only slowed down and never helped any game, also added more logic to our code)
[!] Avoid setting Tile/TileSize twice
[!] Simplified parameters for SetTile/SetTileSize
[!] Simplified setting pitch tile

[!] Reverted changes from CodeGenPSP (it wasn't meant to be committed yet)








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